Instagram is constantly striving to be more engaging and interactive. The latest update enables all users, not just approved creators like before, tag products in their content after finding something they dig. That will help any company make some bank!

Instagram has been making moves to become more of an eCommerce platform, it appears.


They’re rolling out product tags for users with business or creator accounts access this feature in Stories and Reels! With this addition, it’s easy enough for someone with any account can find great deals on what they love online.

What a time to be alive.

This is huge!

Honestly, this should provide a big boost in engagement for brands while also building upon their eCommerce focus and evolving consumer behaviors within the app.

The new feature allows users to tag their products in posts, much like how we use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Brands will also be able to control who can put tags onto the items of their brands; if they don’t want anyone else messing around with what goes out through these channels then it’s easy for them because now there are multiple options available – including just being taken off altogether!

With over 1.6 million users tagging one brand each week, it is clear that many people want to be more specific when they post products. If this new feature does work out then Instagram could actually keep its main feed relevant longer since there will now always have been something different about every single picture/video.

The addition of being able to specifically tag products in your Instagram feed could make it so you’re never too far from what’s going on with any given post. With over 1 million users tagging brands each week already, this new feature will be an appealing and highly utilized element – which may actually keep the main feed relevant for a little longer than we thought!

It is no wonder that Instagram has been trying to transform its main feed. With more people using social media platforms for shopping and entertainment, the company needs a way of keeping users engaged with their app while they’re browsing through stories or watching videos – especially if you want them to come back again tomorrow morning when your post will be fresh off Events Plaza!

But now there’s even better news: product tagging in feeds arrives today too!