Digital marketing should be the thing that holds your company together. It makes the most sense for you to invest in as it has the quickest return on your bottom line. But it’s tough to get clients to put their faith in it sometimes. I mean, DAMN, it’s hard.

It’s hard to be a digital marketer. We all know it. You put in long hours, you slave over reports that no one ever reads, and you try your best to make sense of a constantly changing landscape – all for the hope of getting someone to click on an ad. And sometimes, it feels like we’re fighting a losing battle. But despite the challenges, we continue to do what we do because we believe in its potential. We know that when done correctly, digital marketing can be one of the most powerful tools at our disposal – and that’s why we keep going even when things get tough. So if you’re feeling discouraged, don’t worry – you’re not alone. We’ve been there too.

But despite the difficulty, we’ve continued to invest in it. Why? Because digital marketing is worth it. It’s an engine that can fuel your company’s growth. And over time, clients have come to see that and trust us with their business. You DO get results, you DO hit that 5% conversion rate, and don’t laugh when they ask for more. That’s the nature of the business…not being mad at the expectations because you have them too. You should consider their wins your wins. If you don’t care about their successes and get excited, I won’t say “move on,” but you need to find a better process for weeding out your potential clients.

We continue to put our faith in digital marketing because we know it works. We’ve seen the results in our own company and in the companies of our friends. We’ve scaled 10x in a year. I went from just me to 7 employees in 2 years and that’s pretty awesome, don’t you think? Who doesn’t want to have company meetings and call people around the world for “check-ins?”

That’s. super. cool.

Except you need to put on a cool shirt and not just a robe.

Overall, digital media continues to be a powerful way to reach consumers and drive results. To be that B2H (business-to-HUMAN) connection that truly drives sales. Paid social gets you that instant engagement. You’ve got to understand why that person is jamming that damn button as an engagement before you worry about their money. The money is always secondary and will come when you care first.