Where digital marketing is concerned, one might ask the following:

What is digital marketing?, What are the core components that will set up my campaign for success? and Do I need a
digital marketing agency in my corner?

We will explore the answers to all three of those questions below. In addition, we will provide what those core components are and why they are needed for your campaign. No one wants to miss an opportunity to reach their target audience
or the chance to convert them to a customer. Once armed with the understanding of that is needed to run a dynamic digital ad, you will feel more confident in your campaign strategy.

First, What is Digital Marketing?

Digital or online marketing is utilizing online sources, channels, and platforms to get the word
out about your services, products, brand, business, event, and so on. Advertising is done
through several different methods such as the following:

• Search Engine Optimization, or SEO
• Pay Per Click, or PPC Ads
• Social Media Marketing
• Email Marketing
• Content Optimization (similar to SEO)
• Follower Engagement
• Webinars
• Live Shows, Posts, or Discussions

Core Component #1 – Having a Website
In today’s digital world, it is nearly impossible to have a business without a website. And not just
a basic site that is never updated. Customers are internet savvy and can smell a bad website a
mile away. If your website is not responsive, not user-friendly, or professional-looking, you run a
very high risk of having low conversion rates. Consulting with a digital marketing agency is a
great way to ensure your site is up to par. So, that is the answer to whether you need an agency
– Yes! This is because digital marketing and website health can be an intimidating task for
many. Getting professional assistance will help to ensure everything is set up correctly.

Core Component #2 – Having a Social Media Presence
Having a social media presence is vital to any digital marketing campaign. You will use the
various platforms like these:

• Facebook
• Instagram
• Linkedin
• Pinterest
• Reddit
• Snapchat
• Tumblr
• Twitter
• Yelp
• Youtube

When you have a presence on social media platforms you will be able to directly engage with
your target audience. This can build trust, brand loyalty, and convert a follower into a valuable

Core Component #3 – Having Search Engine Optimization
As mentioned above, it is vital to have a website. However, in doing so, it is just as important to
have your blog posts and your content optimized so that the crawlers can find your site and
return it in one of the first three result pages. Having an active blog with SEO is needed to keep
your site fresh. The process does take time, but is absolutely necessary. This is another area
that an online marketing agency can help.

Core Component #4 – Having PPC Ads
These ads will allow you to target your particular audience by setting specific parameters. Some
of those include: Geo-location, age groups, and even keywords or search terms. You can also
utilize the analytics tools that come along with these ads to see just who is clicking your ads and
get real-time data as to if your paid ads are working.

Creating a solid digital marketing campaign can seem like a daunting take to undertake.
However, not that your have the knowledge of the core components you need to include, your
have a great place to begin. In addition, never be afraid to contact a professional for assistance
to be sure your online marketing strategy is on track. Digital advertising in the age we live in
today is a must for businesses. Of course the traditional avenues of marketing are still there,
such as radio and television ads, but they can no longer stand alone in producing the best ROI
and conversion rates. Developing a digital footprint will maximize your exposure to potential
customers when you have a digital advertising campaign set up right from the beginning.