Does your business have upcoming events you are looking to promote? If so, paid social ads and paid search ads can be an excellent way to get the word out. This works out even better if you already have some of these ads out there, as you can include a link, verbiage, or image to introduce the event. However, creating new standalone ads is equally as important. This type of event advertising works with any kind of event. Below you will find out why paid social and paid search can be vital in spreading the word about not only your business but your events as well.

Tradeshows to Webinars: The list is Nearly Endless

Depending on your business type, you may have only one of the following events on the horizon or multiple. Either way, paid-per-click, or PPC, advertising through paid social or paid search ads can almost rival television commercial marketing in their effectiveness. These are just some of the events that will benefit from PPC ads on platforms such as Facebook or Google:




*Speaking Engagements

*Open Houses

*Grand Openings

*Product or Services Launches

*Special or Limited Time Only Sales

*Competitions or Sporting Events

*Seminars or Classes

*Giveaways or Sweepstakes

*And a Host of Others

As stated above, when you create a new ad for any of these or other events, you will keep your day-to-day marketing budget on track and not muddled up with event promotions. 

Things to Consider: Timing, Ad Content, Target Audience, and Geo-Targeting

Timing can be one of the most important things to keep in mind, especially since the majority of events are on a time-sensitive schedule. Most business owners will want to build buzz weeks before their event to ensure a great turnout. Therefore, be sure to pay extra attention on how either your paid social or paid search ads is set up, when it will run, and when it will stop running to maximize its effectiveness and get the best ROI.

When it comes to PPC ad content, be absolutely sure you follow all the platforms best practices to ensure there are no delays in your ad being published. Don’t be afraid to use video, images, and text overlays, just follow all restrictions. Another way to add clickable content to your paid social or search ad is to incorporate customizes for even more amazing ad.

Audience targeting may sound creepy, but it simply means defining who you want or need to market to in order for your conversion rates and ROI to be the highest. Consequently, you will need to narrow your keywords for paid search ads and paid social the focus must be interests. Otherwise your specific event may go unnoticed my your target audience.

Geo-targeting is also equally as important and there are three types to keep in mind. The first is how to target your audience on a national level for events such as sweepstakes or webinars. This is the most tricky. You need to get your PPC ads out to the masses, but only those who will be interested in your event will click. This is also the most costly of the paid social and paid search marketing campaigns. The second is more scaled down than a national ad, and will be more for events such as tradeshows or conferences. The third is the small or local type of geo-targeting ads that will greatly narrow down your audience to a certain city or area for an event like an open house. 

Now that you understand why to use and what to consider when you do use paid social and paid search to promote your upcoming events, you will be ready to narrow down your target audience, budget, the PPC ad content, timing, and location to a laser focus. In today’s environment of 24 hours a day, never-ending information, and social media being so mainstream that grandparents have accounts, integrating pay-per-click ads into your marketing strategy is a must.