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Who are we?

Why, we’re the wise old friend, of course.

The person that stands up beside you at your wedding.

The gal that got you that first internship.

Remember that great party? We stayed home with you because you were sick.

We’re trustworthy, dependable and we stand for quality work.

We’re not here to count hours and collect dollars without putting in work.

Work that is going to move the needle for you.

We are here to help.

To provide a service.

With 16 years in the game, it would be an insult to our mentors to not give it our all.

Every day.

And sometimes we take time to play bubble hockey.


Social Media

Deliver the content that you audience needs where they are.

Paid Social

Create new fans and advocates by finding them at their touchpoints.


Set the tone for future discovery with calculated content creation.

Brand Strategy

The buck STARTS here? Is that that a thing? It should be. It all begins with this core element.

Campaign Design

Using the Brand Strategy, one can build a campaign that will most powerfully impact at market.


Building lists, managing lists and funnels, we handle it all. Make sure your warm leads stay hot. 




“Never confuse motion with action.” – Benjamin Franklin

Fearless Leader

Shawn M. Smith

Shawn M. Smith


Smith drove long-term traffic and brand awareness from social media and traditional digital marketing across an array of industries. He created diverse earned and paid placements for clients at Wiredset and Trendrr, a social media analytics and listening tool that is now part of Twitter. Smith specialized in social sharing and marketing tactics on projects for Comedy Central, VH1, Spike (including UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter” and Star Wars), Sony Pictures (Crackle and Monty Python), Universal Music and Ultra Records, including Pitbull’s “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)”.

Add to this his new media beginnings at both indie music blogs Broken Dial and Radio Exile (BT Digital Music award top music blog 2 years in a row), he managed and assisted on digital marketing campaigns for Lil Jon, Pitbull and the Ying Yang Twins, The Holloways and The Cinematics while at TVT Records.

Smith also spent time as the Chief Marketing Officer of InsidePulse.com (2004-2014) and Editor-in-Chief of MMA site, Inside Fights, from 2010-2014, covering numerous UFC, Bellator and regional MMA promotions from around the country, as well as hosting the MMA podcast, “MMA 24/7″

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